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    flash problems


    I need some guidance with my flash problem.

    in my fla it works fine where i have text fading in and out however once this is exported there are some issues.

    Another bizare one i noticed is that the wording in my flash banner had been cropped i.e. 2 words taken off at the end..

    i know its there and i'm working with in the workspace area but its simply bizare why this is happening i think when it gets exported some of the motions tweens arent being applied.

    any suggestions or comments ?

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    Try changing the text into a vector graphic before and after the tween. Then change the tween into a shape tween instead of a motion tween. This will make sure the animation is displayed exactly the same at runtime as it does in development. Although it wont be easy to change the text at a later date.

    To change text into a graphic in flash, select the text you want to turn into a graphic and press control + B twice.

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