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Thread: Good host with MYSQL

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    Good host with MYSQL

    Can anyone personally recommend a good host that provides MySQL database packages fairly cheap?
    I'm not fussed about loads of space or bandwidth, just being able to use either ASP.NET or PHP and a database. Obviously service should be good.

    I'm looking at 1and1 (have other sites with them and they've been great so far) or ipowerweb (cheap and good reviews).

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    I highly suggest looking at www.thelist.com your going to find more hosts at that site with stats and other info.

    I hope you find your balance of Cheap, good service and your other other needs.
    Compguy Pete
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    Personally, I use Shyper, and I'm quite satisfied with them. 500 MB storage, 25 GB bandwidth, PHP, 3 MySQL-databases, cPanel, CGI-bin, Fantastico and more. This is the personal plan and that costs $6.95 pr. month. They also have a Pro plan that costs $9.95 and gives you a lot more. Uptime is good, and personally, I won't move somewhere else. Oh, by the way, you get free domain for life (or at least as long as you stay with Shyper).

    There is also another place - Cliche. They will charge you £0.50 pr. month for 500 MB and 1 MySQL database. I don't know anything else about them, though.

    I don't know if you will call this cheap or not, but I find the pricees to be quite reasonable. You'll have to check them out and decide for yourself.

    For the sake of order: I'm not associated with any of the above mentioned providers in any way, other than that I have my account at Shyper.
    Kind regards
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    You might wanna check out A Small Orange, their cheapest plan is $30 / year and they offer unlimited MySQL databases along with unlimited lots of other things.
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    You could try the following websites:



    Both are cost-effective web hosting services with access to MySql packages, ASP.NET or PHP, database and 24/7 live support.

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    Prehaps www.supanames.com - Value host package...
    35Mb webspace, PHP, 1 MySQL, 2Gb bandwidth, UK domain name included in price (costs a little extra for .com/.net/.org)
    ...for £13.99 per year (+ VAT)

    There support seems to be very good.
    The following links are a blatant plugging attempt...

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