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Thread: Popup with myspace account

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    Popup with myspace account

    hey guys. im really new.

    i have a myspace account if any of you know what that is. well they let you put everything about yourself on their system and make your own page and all. i want to impress my girl and like have a popup window with a image that says something like alan loves kelsey in it... do you guys think you could help me with that code. and put it in english for me lol.. i get so confused.. .thanks guys


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    Wow, Kelsey sounds like one lucky lady!

    You could do this with javascript, however myspace wont let you do any kind of scripting on your page.

    I suggest buying flowers to impress her.

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    create a flash file with 1 keyframe and use the getURL funtion and insert the image url, and insert the stop(); actionscript all in the same keyframe.

    also google.com for "javascript popup in flash" if you want the window that pops up to be a certain width and height.

    oh yeh and google "javascript in css" because you can use javascript in css to bypass myspace stripping the word javascript.

    and if u want to learn more about that google "samy is my hero javascript explination"

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