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Thread: FLASH HELP!-button 'down' then 'up' in drop menu link area

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    FLASH HELP!-button 'down' then 'up' in drop menu link area


    The drop down menu I'm referring to is located in the main movie. The menu is a movie clip with the buttons inside and I have each button as 'track as menu item' in the properties. The buttons are linked to external swfs that load into an empty movie clip on the main stage. Everything loads perfectly no problem. The problem is that I can't seem to figure out the right code to put on the sub-menu items/buttons in the drop down menu to show the 'down' state when the corresponding movie is loaded (i.e., about-main button, philosophy [menu item], philosophy movie loaded). Then get it to go back to the 'up' state when another button is pressed in the same drop area part of the menu? I hope I explained myself clear enough without confusing anyone!

    I would appreciate any help - I think I'm going to lose my mind - this is driving me crazy!!


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    Hey Tweet,

    I'd suggest posting your topic here:


    I'd be very surprised if you got any help here. This forum is extremely inactive, everybody reads the topics, no one replys. You'll have much better luck on the Macromedia forums where the have expert moderators that will answer your question in detail.

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