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Thread: New project, gathering accessibility ideas

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    New project, gathering accessibility ideas

    I've included an attachement that shows the layout of this "idea".

    1. Basically dropdown1 feeds dropdown2.
    2. Dropdown2 feeds A and B
    3. A is fed a map and is overlaid with points which for each point, B has an entry for.
    4. Clicking on the link in B will center the map for that specific point in A (Google map-ish). This will also show a description of the point/link in C.
    5. Clicking on the point in A will highlight the link in B and show a description in C.
    6. The description in C will also contain a link to a video that should popup and play.

    I've started to look at Flash and Ajax. I initially thought that server side would enable me to do all of this. But the scrollable map thing, seems will require alot more effort on my side.

    I think that the audience for this project automatically targets folks with disabilities. So, I want to make sure I get this right on that end.

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    Looks to me that the essential problem has been already covered here. My solution is to use "continue" and php - and sessions. Slightly clunky, but crystal clear for all users.

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