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Thread: flash + php

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    flash + php

    I have some audio files (mp3) on my site that must be protected from unregistered users. For that have placed the file one level above public_html directory. My files are protected but now I can acces the only from php script. I have a flash mp3 player that take one parameter the path of one file and plays that file. But now I can't acces my audios from html, so I can pass them to my flash mp3 player...

    Know anybody how can I use together php and flsah so I can play my files ?

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    Hey Alinu,

    I'd suggest posting your topic here:


    I'd be very surprised if you got any help here. This forum is about the most inactive forum I've been, everybody reads the topics, no one replys. You'll have much better luck on the Macromedia forums where the have expert moderators that will answer your question in detail.

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