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Thread: How can i count the number of columns in a table?

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    How can i count the number of columns in a table?

    Hello People!

    I wanna find out the number of my columns in my table. How can I do that?
    I have tried to do it with the folowwing code, but it delivers me an "undifined" as result. What's wrong here?

    HTML Code:
    <table border="1" id="table1">
    <tr id="tr1">
    <td id="td1">erstes Feld</td>
    <td>zweites Feld</td>
    <script language="javascript">
    	var wi = document.getElementById("table1").length;

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    I think this code block will help. I used it to change the background colors of some table cells.

    //reset cells to be same background color as table they are in
    for (rowCounter = 0; rowCounter < 3; rowCounter++)
    for (colCounter = 0; colCounter < 5; colCounter += 2)
    document.getElementById("optionsTable").rows[8 + rowCounter].cells[colCounter].style.backgroundColor = document.getElementById("optionsTable").style.backgroundColor;

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    if no colSpan, the number of the columns is equal with the number of the cells of any row, let's say the first row

    var nrcols = document.getElementById('table1').getElementsByTagName('tr')[0].getElementsByTagName('td').length

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    assuming that every row has the same number of columns then just count the number of columns on the first row:

    cols = document.getElementById('tablename').rows[0].cells.length;

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