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Thread: Viewing Issues (Monitor vs Layout Style)

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    Question Viewing Issues (Monitor vs Layout Style)


    At the above webpage I have issues. I tested the site out on IE4-6 and on Firefox, works fine. The problem lies when you change the size of monitors. I have a 15 inch (unknown resolution) and everything of course is where it should be. I was working on stuff at a friends on their computer, with a 17 inch monitor and all heck broke loose. I use this layout a lot, in some I use an image instead of a solid colored background. The images are in the upper left. The text links are absolute left and right (which is fine) but when you click on the link you get something else. For the site listed above, in order to get Imlay you have to click above Imlay. If you click Imlay you get Lapeer intead.

    How do I fix the site to work on any monitor? Do I need to use a whole different layout and code? Should I just have a mirror site for larger monitors?

    I really don't want to have multiple pages and I don't want to have someone scroll through large amounts of text to get to what they are looking for. This site isn't complete. There's more text to be added.

    Reply here or I can be IM'd at Yahoo under same SN

    MANY thanks in advance!

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    The problem can be solved by CSS alone and a lil' help from JavaScript for perfection.
    Create a DIV that has a set height and width (800px width x 600px height e.g.) and put all of your BODY contents inside of it. Then use percentage measurements within the DIV so as to shrink or stretch the contents of the DIV to adjust to the absolute-sized layer. Then centerize the DIV so to make it look better in higher resolutions.

    The JavaScript comes into play here, only if you want to do this because the page would look a lil' different in different resolutions if the user has JavaScript disabled, you can use JavaScript to detect the user's resolution and resize the DIV to their resolution. And since the contents of the DIV will either grow or shrink with the DIV, by resizing the DIV to the user's resolution, the WHOLE page will grow or shrink to size.

    To detect the user's resoltion with JavaScript would require screen.width and screen.height

    I hope this helps.
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    Thank you very much. I think I understand, I do for the most part. Now that I know what I am looking for ... Is there a site that has an example or tutorial to help me out so I don't have to keep bugging the board?

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