Hello people.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with something. I am making a website. It's gona be nothing too fancy. But i have this wish, and i was wondering if anyone could poke me in the right direction.

Basically this is what i want to achieve:


(how do you insert images?)

Ok I want like 3 of these on my front page. What i want them to do is as follows. When I press the yellow cirlce it lets me change:
-The title
-Link to picture hosted somewhere
-description beneath and what it links to when clicked on.

And to prevent anyone being able to do it. Some kind of password protection, which would be remebered by my browser, but not necesary for rememberanc.

All help would be greatly appreciated. I am guessing this is probably possible to achieve in FlashMX, but i was interested maybe there is an easier way.