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Thread: Automatic copying & pasting

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    Automatic copying & pasting

    Hi i'm new to these forums but i've just recently taught myself HTML.
    However i have no idea how to automatically copy and paste something as if it were a link.
    Basically i have some text and a text box. I want to be able to click on the text and then it to appear in the text box.

    Please Help

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    you need javascript to do that, so go learn that then you can do this
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    That's a great answer...very helpful.

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    More detail as to exactly what is wanted would be useful. I cannot understand the details of what is being asked for but presumably some sort of interactivity is wanted for which Javascript would be the way to do it. Without a better explanation of exactly what is supposed to be happening (perhaps an example) it is difficult to be more specific as to how to do it.

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