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Thread: An activity I can't figure it out.

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    An activity I can't figure it out.

    I'm reading php, mysql and apache in 24 hours'. They have you do activities at the end of the chapter. So far i've been able to do them, but i'm having trouble on this one.

    Create a function that accepts four string variables and returns a string that contains an html table element, enclosing each of the variables in its own cell.
    How do you do this?

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    Try using something like this:
    PHP Code:
    function addTable($one$two$three$four){
    $data "<table><tr>\n";
    $data .= "<td>$one</td>\n";
    $data .= "<td>$two</td>\n";
    $data .= "<td>$three</td>\n";
    $data .= "<td>$four</td>\n";
    $data .= "</tr></table>\n";
    That should work for you.
    if (succeed != true)
    function askAdam();

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