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Thread: Loading Bar for .SWF File

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    Loading Bar for .SWF File

    I am working on a flash file for my school website, located here, and I need to create a loading sequence so that it isn't just a white page while the user waits for it to load.
    The loading doesn't take forever right now because the swf file is only .5 MB, but I will be adding a feature to it that will make it much larger.

    I am using Flash MX.
    I know XHTML and CSS, but my knowledge is below basic in any other language.

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    Hi -
    Did you try a search for "preloaders" ?
    It might be a good idea to add the flash to a webpage
    so that the user sees something - even once a preloader is added.

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    I didn't do a search for preloaders, and the flash is on the http://whhs.guhsd.net/school/whmap/index.html page, it just takes a while to load.
    I know XHTML and CSS, but my knowledge is below basic in any other language.

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    See this preloader

    If you can give your email address I can send u the FLA file.. As the file size is more I cant attach the file here

    I have put a sample preloader in it.. in the script section, you change the number of frames, according to your number of frames, right now it is 10 frames..

    This code can use in the preloader

    total_bytes = _root.getBytesTotal();
    loaded_bytes = _root.getBytesLoaded();
    remaining_bytes = total_bytes-loaded_bytes;
    preloader.percent_done = int((loaded_bytes/total_bytes)*100)+"%";
    ifFrameLoaded ("main",10) {
    gotoAndPlay("main", 1);
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