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    .nl domain


    I'm searching for an cheap .nl domain.
    No where i can find it.
    There must be every thing in. php mysql and unlimited e-mail, minimal 100mb, and more than 1 gig datatransfer.

    Can somebody give me an good adress?

    i've found 1 hosting sever; http://www.budgetwebhosting.nl

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    Don't confuse a domain and hosting. The hosting is where you keep your files and a host will most likely have server-side languages and databases supported, the domain is just the name that people type to get to your site.

    For example, my web-host is dreamhost.com but I registered my domain name at godaddy.com. All I had to do was point the domain to the dreamhost name servers.

    I don't know where you can buy .nl domains from, however there is a sticky thread in this forum about web-hosts.

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