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Thread: Consecutive streaming of several videos files (automatically)

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    Consecutive streaming of several videos files (automatically)

    I have several ".wmv" videos on my website.
    Visitors can click on any video link and view (stream) them from the website
    via <object> and <embed> tags. All works fine so far.

    The Problem now is:
    How to make all single video files (12 files) play automatically
    one after the other? I want the visitor to click on one link and then
    the first video should start streaming, after that the second one and so on
    until the last video file. All video files should load and play in the same mplayer/window.

    Hope, there's a free and convenient solution.

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    build an asx

    link to the asx in your windows media object instead of the movie.

    each <entry></entry> will load in the sequence it is presented in the asx.

    see my response Here

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    Thanks for your answer. I did that already and it works, but now I got another problem:

    After clicking on a link a new window shall open and play an embedded wmv-file.
    So far okey, but this embedded video is to be automatically resized to a larger size than it actually is (e.g. to 200%). It works with IE, but FF only enlarges the player size and not the video size itself, so that I end up with a small video screen in a large media player. Anybody know how to solve that?

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