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Thread: Adding music to the page

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    Wink Adding music to the page


    I would really like to play a music track on the click of a word = song title. However, I don't want to have any media window pop up, I just want to hear the track whilst viewing the normal page. When I try this I get the music played automatically on opening the page or the media player pops up or the play-stop bar appears. I have tried various ways of adding the 'onclick' action and setting the width and height to 0 so as not to display the bar, but think I am getting it all muddled (very new to this)

    If it is possible to do, does anybody know how. Any help appreciated.

    Thanks loads
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    Thumbs up Added music to page

    Quote Originally Posted by mw2005

    Hi mw2005

    Thanks for this. I have followed the link and read many of the comments and now have the music playing at the selection of a radio button.

    I am now in the process of testing it - live.
    Macs don't seem to handle it. I have had a couple of reports so far that users can not hear the sound. Although using windows XP like me. Would anyone know why this is. I wondered if they didn't have Windows media player installed?

    Perhaps it is still a work in progress. The site is www.theexorsisters.co.uk if you want a look. I am extremely new - so don't be too harsh with your comments if you check it out. Thanks xxxx
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