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Thread: action needed!

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    Oct 2005

    action needed!

    supporting our first ever issue of besereal magazine, a mix of design and comix, we've put together a little site at www.besereal.com

    please let us know what you think about it and the actionscript e-card application that's in it.

    have fun.

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    Perth, Australia
    Its pretty good, not much happening though im sure a simple css text-color roll over would go a long way.

    The forum link is a 404..

    Im not sure if you mean to spell contact us: like "contuct us: " intended or not im counting it as a spelling mistake.

    The designers home site it links to doesnt fit in 1024 I would consider that pretty bad.

    Aside from that its pretty good.

    Good Luck
    Perth Web Development
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    Perth, Western Australia

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    Oct 2005
    thnx for the reply!

    fixed the forum, you're right about "contuct" but we use a spelling philoshophy called "soul spelling"! (truth is we're from greece and our spelling sucks!)

    did you see the e-card application at


    thnx again!

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