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Thread: DIY Java Install

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    DIY Java Install


    Basically, I want to package the files needed to run java class files, jar files, etc with the installer for a new app I've made. I was wondering which files I needed to include. I've tried just using javaw.exe, but that doesn't seem to work on it's own. I would love to know what the minimum requirements are.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I think full JRE will be required, if you get a utility like installshield and make a distribution copy of your app, it automatically puts all required files in the package.


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    the good thing about java is that it is an interpreted language. you produce and distribute byte code, so the users download their appropriate jvm.

    if you want to make an app, move over to c++ and distribute the executable file.

    if anything zip up your code with a readme and have a link to the java downloads page.

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