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Thread: Need Simple HTML Java FORM Help

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    Need Simple HTML Java FORM Help

    Hi all,
    I am new to JavaScript and am trying out a popup
    script from

    I have it working good for my purpose with the example
    provided. I can open the new window and add items
    to the parent without a problem. The new items list
    in the drop-down but I have never submitted javascript
    form data before. When I post the form with a get
    method, it displays the drop-down list variables (parentList) with
    no values. For example, if there is one item in the
    list it displays parentList= and if there was five
    selections the URL is

    So it obviously knows the drop-down is populated but
    I am loosing my values somewhere.

    Is there some special way to submit the data? Can someone take the example and throw a submit button on the form for me? I used just a regular HTML form submit button.

    Thanks ahead,
    Perl CGI programmer Bob that cant java for his life..
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    hmmm, I should note that when I placed some hard coded options in the parent

    <option value=1>option 1</option>

    they work. I did this simply for testing.

    But, If I mix the hard coded option with options chosen from the child popup java script, it does the blank variable thing.

    I hope I can figure this out because I love the script.

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    I think the source script is loosing its values to the options. Although the options text is transfering into the parent, the values do not.

    I put this function/submit action in and it seems to work:

    function test(sourceList) {
    sourceList = window.document.forms[0].parentList;
    for(var i = 0; i < sourceList.options.length; i++) {
    if (sourceList.options[i] != null)
    sourceList.options[i].value = sourceList.options[i].text;
    sourceList.options[i].selected = true;

    return true;

    <input type="submit" value="GO" name="B1" onclick = "javascript:test(parentList);">

    Maybe I will learn javascript yet! Now if I could only debug why the source scripts values fail.....without my custom function

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