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Thread: how to get value of all selected checkbox?

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    how to get value of all selected checkbox?

    Hello there,

    I am using ASP.NET with C# and facing below problem. I am not able to get values of selected checkboxes which are generated dynamically.
    Pls have a look at the image attached with the message...

    Waiting for your reply....

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    The text is kind of hard to read, any chance of a bigger res version?

    And do they have to be dynamic? Alot easier if they arn't

    And finally, if they must be check out an existing thread:

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    What type of database are you using to build your dynamic controls?

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    Dear Friend,

    I had mentioned each step in the attached image file with text description.

    Well I am using ASP.Net with C#. DB is MS-SQL Server 2000.

    Control are created smoothly, even I got value by typing each control's ID with Response.Form["..ID.."], but how to execute this in a loop, when I don't know how many checkboxes are generated on a page ?

    Will you please tell me is there anyway to country checkboxes with C#.

    Thanking You,

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