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Thread: Changing Image size links

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    Changing Image size links

    Is there a way to make images be the normal size using percent?

    I am making a image link, that I want to change size when the mouse hovers over it. I need something that willbe dynamic to all shaps and sizes of images. some may be 100px by 100px, and other may be 100px by 200px, and sizes large and smaller than that.

    I was thinking that a code like this might work:
    a:link img{border:0px; width:100%; height:100%;}
    a:visited img{0px; size:100%}
    a:hover img{border:0px; width:110%; height:110%}
    a:active img{0px; size:100%}
    but it doesn't, all it does is make the image huge, then even bigger when the mouse moves over it.
    My settings

    Browser :: FireFox 1.5
    Resolution :: 1152x864
    Connection :: Cable Modem 2Mbs

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    The dimensions will be relative to the parent element. CSS does not have a way to directly do what you want to do.
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