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Thread: processing forms

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    Question processing forms

    I'm a beginning web designer, most of the time I work with HTML, DHTML, XHTML,
    I have a few questions, I made an HTML form but when I submit it. It's in the e-mail as an *.ata file now is my question if it's possible to use this file on a different way than in a database because the only thing I need to do with these forms is print the form and save the attachment linked to this form.
    If this is not possible how do I start then with making such a database?
    Can you please tell me how I can fix this?
    Or if you just want to give me some URL's where I can find answers to my questions.
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    Anybody an idea thanks in advance

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    What server side scripting language are you using to process the form? The file extension on the end of the action attribute will tell you this eg action="form2mail.asp", action="mailform.php", or jsp for Java, cfm for coldfusion etc.

    Once you work that out you should then post in the appropriate server side forum to ask for help.

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    Question processing the froms

    Thanx for answerring, I want to make a script in asp that connects my form to a database, how do I write the script?
    So everything in asp if this is possible

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