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Thread: Streaming Video with pull down menus

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    Streaming Video with pull down menus

    I have a 2 hour video i would like to stream on the internet... but i need the capability of having a pulldown menu or setting links to skip to certain points of the movie...

    Ive been searching everywhere i can think of... and cant find any information on doing this....

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    U can do both either with JavaScript or Flash.
    I've done it with Javascript, and it's no big problem to make it work. I don't have access to any code here, and I don't remember exactly how to do it, but the pull-down menus should be easy to find on the internet.
    About the video, u have to connect the Javascript to the player with ActiveX. I know quicktime offers a function to jump to a certain point of the movie. For more info on this, go to: http://developer.apple.com/documenta...atsNew-72.html
    Hope it helps,

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