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Thread: Is Flash 4.0 or Flash 5 worth getting?

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    Is Flash 4.0 or Flash 5 worth getting?


    I'd like to start using Macromedia Flash, but it's a relatively expensive application.
    So I was wondering if it might be okay to get an earlier version of the program - like Flash 4.0

    Is it possible to make interactive point-and-click style games using Flash 4.0?
    (Or would the results from this version be considered too primitive on today's web?)

    How do versions 4 and 5 compare to the most recent upgrade? (MX?)
    Is there a big difference in the amount of interactive functionality available when using the latest version, as compared to earlier ones?


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    Personally I would never buy flash 4.0 anymore it's outdated in my opinion.

    Flash MX comparing to flash 5 has some new features, and has some new codinginterpetations. So terms from flash 4.0 / 5.0 have become 'depreciated' and have been replaced by new codings. Which can be seen as 'more logical', 'less CPU usage' etc.

    Flash MX 2004 (and recently flash 8) uses actionscript 2.0 which is quite different if you're used to flash MX. But again, different functions, better ones, new ones.

    Remember that you can always download at Macromedia's a trial version. So can play around and see if this ones meets you're expectations.


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