I have a website I'm trying to develop, and I am using forms, and I have the forms directing to my e-mail address, but when the e-mails arrive, the information is in an attachment with a .att extention (looks like an AT&T fax ext, according to the web). I can open this extention using Notepad, but the information is not easy to weed out, and my boss, being technophobic, would much prefer it came in in a prettier manner. Is there any way to change it?

Also, does the e-mail generated with the "submit" button send via Outlook? It appears to when I test it on my computer, but my concern is that it would not work if a user had hotmail or some other web-based e-mail and did not use Outlook or Outlook Express. Is there another way to submit a form using straight HTML, or would I need to use a template or Cold Fusion or some other such method?