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    Order Form

    me and two friends have just started up a new business which will be operating only online and making all its sales through EBay and a website I am creating.

    I am using Frontpage and my knowledge of HTML

    The website is coming along well but I am stuck when it comes to some sort of shopping basket system as I am quite new to HTML and website design.

    Though because of my abilities, i thought the best way to do this would be to create a form which the customer fills out that then is emailed to me with the order information and payment is made in the appropriate way (we do not have facilities for credit cards so will be accepting payments through Paypal, Nochex etc).

    This is what i have so far:
    (sorry the image takes so long to load)

    Each drop down box is for the user to select a product (many boxes because they may want more than 1) and each box has a corresponding text box for the quanitity

    what i want to know is:
    how can the drop down boxes at the top contain data from an access database (containing 2 fields - product and price)

    how can i make the total box display the result of the quantity of the items * the price of the items?

    how can i validate the email address field so that it only accepts strings in the form of a valid email?

    also i know how to get all this information to my email address using frontpage but will that feature only work when i publish my site to the web?

    i would greatly appreciate any help


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    Develpment issue. Moved to "Other".

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    You might want to use Cart32 (www.cart32.com). It's low-cost for what you need ($19.95/month), reliable, really helpful support, and they work with Paypal. You can use an Access database to organize your product info, shipping weights, pricing and more.

    I've used it for a number of my clients, the newest being:

    Good luck!

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