I'm working on a new upload system for the coppermine gallery.

What i'm trying to do is allow the users to upload the file in the background while they edit the rest of the details, then completing it when they pressed enter after the file is successfuly loaded.

The way i've done this is with a hidden iframe, in which the image is posted to, when its successfully i call a function in the parent frame (via window.parent.upload_complete()) which allows the complete button to become visable.

Now this works fine.

The problem i'm having is with error parsing. An error is called from the iframe in a similar fasion (window.parent.upload_error( error_msg )). Now this works fine the first time. I have the upload box reappear so the user doesnt have to retype all their information again. But when the iframe reloads with the completed or another error message, it gives back that it cannot find the function.

This has really stumped me.