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Thread: Dreamweaver Template Problems

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    Dreamweaver Template Problems

    Hi Folks!
    Slight problem with my web template. Ok then... i have made a php template in dreamweaver that seems to work and look ok! In the template i have an image map, and one of the links are set to contact.php. when i open one of the other files (that are using the template... well as a template) it shows the link as contact.html (which it was originaly)... any ideas on how to fix it?


    EDIT: if you want the files they are avaliable at www.loddonexplorers.co.uk/New_Design.zip ... I am not using the file index.php at the momment so the file with the problem is word.php
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    Anyone? Com'on please help me out here

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    dead link... Scotty

    Now I'm going to make a stab in the dark here without looking at the site or file.

    Do a find/replace look for Contact.html

    You can do a seach of the entire site folder and do a count/find only. Then if it turns up with your mystery code do a replace with the proper name.
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