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Thread: Arial Black Italic

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    Arial Black Italic

    I suspect a logo that I have to animate uses Arial Black Italic with "bold" selected. I don't mind purchasing this font if I have to but I would like to confirm that it is this paticular font with bold selected first. Unfortunately the previews do not allow for bold to be selected.
    Does anybody have this font and can confirm it for me?
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    This font should be standard. Check in C:\WINDOWS\FONTS to see if you have that font (if you are using Windows). It should be titled Arial. The Bold Italic after it just means that the font is bolded and italicized.

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    the font is definately not the standard Arial with the <b><i> selected. The ARIAL BLACK font is available commercially and is not standard to WIN98

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    Sorry it doesn't look like Arail to me but it's pretty hard to tell from one uper case "F" what font is being used, particularly if it has possibly been distorted (stretched/squashed) by some graphics editor or DTP software.

    I'm not in Windows at the moment but to me it looks closer to IMPACT.

    Got a link to the site you can buy the font you think it is so we can check it out a bit closer and got any more samples we can compare. otherwise we're shooting in the dark here.
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