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    Question funny checkboxlist layout

    I have a checkbox list that is populated from code behind (that all works). The thing is that the checkbox portion is like really wide.

    This is the code for the .aspx page:

    <asp:CheckBoxList id="chkCategories" CellPadding="0" CellSpacing="0" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"></asp:CheckBoxList>
    You can see that there is no width or anything specific specified yet still the checkbox has a gray around around it that makes the text pushed like 100px to the right (remember, no width is specified for this) so I don't know where this is coming from.

    Attached are 2 pictures that show this.

    Here is the rendered code:

    <table id="chkCategories" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" style="border-collapse:collapse;">
    		<td><input id="chkCategories_0" type="checkbox" name="chkCategories:0" onclick="__doPostBack('chkCategories$0','')" language="javascript" /><label for="chkCategories_0">Alcohol & Drug Abuse</label></td>
    		<td><input id="chkCategories_1" type="checkbox" name="chkCategories:1" onclick="__doPostBack('chkCategories$1','')" language="javascript" /><label for="chkCategories_1">Arthritis Management & Prevention</label></td>
    Anyone have any ideas?
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