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Thread: evaluating code with variables

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    evaluating code with variables

    if have a variable in your script, and in that variable is other variables, then when you set that variable then echo it, the values are there. The first variable is evaluated when set. Example:
    $var1 = "test";
    $var2 = "this is a $var1";
    echo $var2;

    gives you "this is a test"

    OK, that is the setup. Now the issue is that $var2 is a file (let's call it var2.file). So I want to put the file contents into $var2 and have it evaluated. But I do not want to echo it until later based on other things.
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    OK - got it - using my real variable names here it is:

    PHP Code:
    $header htmlspecialchars(file_get_contents('../restricted/header.htm'));
    "\$header = \"$header\";");
    // $header = htmlspecialchars_decode($header);   // php5 or use below code
    $header preg_replace('/&lt;/','<',$header);
    $header preg_replace('/&gt;/','>',$header);
    $header preg_replace('/&quot;/','"',$header);
    $header preg_replace("/'/","'",$header); 
    EDIT >> The post converted the ' character in the last preg_replace, but you get the idea.
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