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Thread: getting access to dom elements

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    getting access to dom elements


    Assume I have the following HTML tags:
    <div id="container"
     <div id="a" />
     <div id="b" />
     <div id="c">
       <div id="d" />
     <div id="e" />
    I need to write a JavaScript code that does the following:
    Get a reference to the "container" element
    get an array of all its direct children

    Iterate over its children array and print their id value
    In the example above, the direct children would be:
    a, b, c and e

    Note the d is left out because it is not a direct child of the "container"

    I need the code to run on both IE and Firefox
    I need a solution that will work even if the container's direct children are not div elements, but any html tags

    any help would be appreciated

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    Attached is something I wrote sometime back to explore the DOM on IE and let me compare it to what I could get from the DOM Inspector in FF. It runs on both and should be a little more than what you're asking for.
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