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Thread: Small type for web in Photoshop CS - need HELP

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    Small type for web in Photoshop CS - need HELP

    I am having an on-going problem creating acceptable looking small type for the web in PhotoShop CS. Anything under about 12 or 13 point just doesn't look good. I've tried experimenting with the Crisp, Sharp, Smooth, Strong settings, but to no avail. And yet I see sites every day where web graphics have very small type - often as small as 7 or 8 point - and it looks crisp, clear and sharp.

    Can anyone give me any tips on creating web graphics where small point size type actually looks good? Typeface does not seem to matter, nor does the format (JPG or GIF) or quality level, though I am saving everything at 72 dpi.

    Any input on creating crisp, clear, sharp web type in PhotoShop CS would be MUCH appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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