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Thread: How can i stop the timeline slowing down? (FLASH)

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    How can i stop the timeline slowing down? (FLASH)

    Im creating a 10 second advert for a company which will be looped on plasma screens.

    the problem im having is that the size of it is... 1280 x 720 and im fading in cut out images (PNG's) which are about 500kb each

    When these start to fade in the frame rate goes all the way down to 3 frames a second... and i have it set to 31 fps

    does anyone have any solutions that will stop the frame rate going so low

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    There is not much you can do about this. The best solution would be to compress your image files more (.5mb is pretty big). Try convering to a jpg or transparent give (if that's why you are using a PNG).

    Higher end computers will not have this problem as much.

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    The best thing to do is convert the flash to a Quciktime movie file, and play it like that instead of from flash player.
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