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Thread: Help, Involves asp session variable, Plz help

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    Question Help, Involves asp session variable, Plz help

    I simply want my webpage so that it has music on it...
    The catch is I want music to continue playing when going from page to page on my site...so is there a way using asp (my whole site is asp) to make this possible??? ps. I know how to do this using frames but I wish not to have frames...so please help pss. I think this may involve session variables...

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    I found a page that has this capability...but it uses php...I know nothing about php...I am a newb at languages that are as advance as php...but am trying to keep learning day by day...

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    Well if you can put sound on one page you should be able to use that same technology on every page perhaps with an included file to reuse coding:

    So, You Want A Sound/Embed, Huh? by Joe Burns

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