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    Don't know you. I have a question since you do design.

    Man i really appreciate that..

    serious Q

    On my galleries.htm page

    below i have a text link that reads
    Site Opens New Pic Sets
    so I highlight === Site Opens New Pic Sets and link to this
    file:///C|/Documents and Settings/BIG G/My Documents/G-Net/T Web Site Pictures/arles_gallery/index.html

    same for text link = vid3 highlight vid3 and link file:///C|/Documents and Settings/BIG G/My Documents/G-Net/T Videos/SamiraH_Vid_3.wmv

    everything is uploaded why doesnt it work?

    i just wanna link Site Opens New Pic Sets on the galleries.htm to the index.html created with arles. i didnt want it to conflict with home page of members section ya know.
    also jeremy this was the path from my server i added and it didnt work /httpdocs/members/pictures&videos/arles_gallery/index.html

    also I rename pictures&videos to pictures_videos

    I just wanna link these two pages plus many more in the future when i update . i want you to show me, not do it, ya know. cause i will be running the site and this is holding us down. the link look like this http://www.samiraheart.com/members/g...ery/index.html
    the gallery page is from members section and that index page is from what arles created its a photo gallery creator.

    Should I delete some folders,rename or?

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    Hi -
    From what I could gather, this definitely sounds like a paths problem:
    anything starting with c//documentsandsettings doesn't belong on a server!

    It's best to structure your site on your Desktop like you would when it's
    uploaded to a server:
    folder: ___site [which is like your htdocs directory]
    - folder: images [create on server w/in htdocs dir.]
    - folder: media [ditto - place anything in here like videos]
    - all .html files, external .css, .js, etc. go in here, also

    Then, links are all *relative*, like to another site page:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="contact.html" title="contact us">contact</a>
    And images on the pages are like:
    HTML Code:
    <img src="images/mypic.ext" width="" height="" alt="my pic" />
    And to your videos, similar:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="media/mymovie.ext" title="view the flick">my movie</a>
    If you were in the images folder for some reason and needed to go to the media folder, you'd use a relative path w/ a symbol that stands for "go one directory out from this current one" that would be something like:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="../media/myfile.mov" title="video file">open movie from here</a>
    Hope that helps you start unknotting that stuff,
    F-fox 2.0 :: US :: el design site :: 768 kbps :: WIN

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