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Thread: merging JPG files

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    merging JPG files

    Does anyone have experience merging a series of jpg files n a application. For example, take three jpg files merge the second onto the first, then the third onto the second. The images are very similar. For example if image A was a tale with an apple, image 2 was the same table with an orange in a different spot, and image three was the same table with a lemon in another spot. The final image would be the table with all three fruit.

    Can this be done using java or .net?

    Appreciate any ideas out there..

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    It would be very difficult to do this in any program without a whole bunch of intelligent code (unless you want a program that would work on these three, and only these three, images). The program would have to analyze the images, find the commonalities, and also know which area to keep in each image (i.e. doing this incorrectly could yield a table with no fruit, rather than 3 fruits).

    Is there are reason you want to do this in a web program instead of some sort of visual graphics application? It could take weeks to create a program from scratch, but you could combine the images in seconds with Photoshop or Gimp.

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    Response to Tweak4

    Thanks Tweak4,

    Argee, this could be more difficult than I thought. We are using flash in a jsp page and layering pgn ( can also use jpg) files. We use the same x and y coordinates but increase the z using transparancy. The image renders correctly on screen but there is not a way to save/export it.


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    I would think the fruits would be very dim, doing it the way you describe with transparency. But given it's looking like you want, if you need to get a single image, why not just do a screen snapshot, then crop appropriately and save the file?


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    if you post the images maybe someone could try.

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