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Thread: advice on html editors' functionality

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    advice on html editors' functionality

    somebody i know used yahoo's site builder to build a site. he asked me to "fix it up" as he really isn't a web designer and i said i would do it. he wants to be able to maintain the site, add his own content, update links, add "banners", etc. and likes the way sitebuilder allows him to drag and drop a picture.

    are there any html editors that can perform same functionality? i used dw, but i'm by no means a guru w/it, but i'm guessing you can't position elements by draggin an' droppin.

    is this guy going to have to suck it up and learn a little, or is he a cash cow for me?

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    your right with dream weaver you can just drag and drop. i know theres homestead which is probally the same as yahoo but im sure you have to pay for homestead but there was a point when you didnt. also learning a little wont hurt him.

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