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Thread: Any guide for beginners and Dreamweaver?

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    Any guide for beginners and Dreamweaver?

    Hello guys,

    I am very new in this field. I just got Dreamweaver 8 and trying to learn about it. I never tried to make a website yet. I also don't know if there are better webbuilder programs for new beginners.

    1- Is there a better software you can recomend me and others who have just started to build a website?

    2- Is there a pdf file we can read to learn more about Dreamweaver?

    3- Is there a place where we can learn about building a simple website with simple tools and comends.

    Thanks for any help

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    The best advice is to avoid Dreamweaver and all like programs. The only way to create a minimally acceptable web page is by doing it yourself. And it's just as easy to learn how to do that as it is to learn how to use Dreamweaver.
    “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”
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    I needed a short (2-day I think) course to kick me off with Dreamweaver. I did not find the GUI intuitive. But I think Dreamweaver is very good for getting you started. These days I mostly work direct in the code window - but it is still very neat having the automatic prompts for coding as you go, the colour checks of php coding are nice, and the immediate validation check is handy too (though not quite as rigorous (with DW MX2004) as w3c).

    However, learn early to tidy your code in the code window for best results.

    The FTP is very handy too - though you should still have something like Filezilla in your armoury, IMHO.

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