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Thread: Annoying little issues.

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    Annoying little issues.

    Sorry for such a title but I have 2 annoying little issues that puzzle me.

    I am trying to learn how to do layout with CSS. On this test page I have 3 layers. Main layer and 2 sub layers, left layer and right layer.

    Sub layers have expanding menus that work just fine but when I expand left menu, main layer doesn't expand therefore left layer's border overlaps with main layers border. This doesn’t happen with the right layer. This problem is specific to IE. Code works just fine in firefox.

    The second issue is that when I resize the window the entire layout goes screwy. Basically when I make window small right layer ends up under the left layer. How can I prevent that from happening?

    I attached image files as well as html code. Html code is in style_test.txt (this site doesn't upload html files )

    If you did decide to take a look at the issue image files need to go into "images" folder.

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    I don't see the first problem in HTML-kit with no images available. The second one requires a width on the main div.
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