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Thread: 2 Dimensional JSP cookie exists? Confirmation and method please.

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    2 Dimensional JSP cookie exists? Confirmation and method please.


    It would be great help if anyone could help me overcome a cookie problem. I have an ASP code which Iíd like to convert to JSP. The problem here is that ASP allows me to set 2 dimensional cookies, but I donít think JSP allows this. May I know any suggestions to the solution?

    ASP code:
    PHP Code:
    dim pageNameuserNamebmValidtemp

    temp Split(pagename,"=",-1)
    userName session("current")

    Response.cookies(userName)("page") = temp(0)
    Response.cookies(userName)("frame") = temp(1)
    Response.cookies(userName).Expires Now() + 30 
    JSP Code:

    PHP Code:
        String username session.getAttribute("Current").toString();
    String bookmark request.getParameter("bookmark");

    Date now = new Date();
    String timestamp now.toString();
    Cookie cookie = new Cookie (username,bookmark);
    cookie.setMaxAge(365 24 60 60);
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