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Thread: Dreamweaver - GoLive together?

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    Dreamweaver - GoLive together?

    I have been developing using Dreamweaver and GoLive. I do some projects in Dreamweaver, some in GoLive.

    I find that some things (for me at least) are easier to do in Dreamweaver, and others are easier (again for me) in GoLive.


    Is there any technical reason that I cannot use both for a project, then select the best one (for me) for particular operations?



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    probally not. they both should read the code the same.

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    Some editing programs, such a Front Page, use too much extra coding to work in the background. Some times that extra code is not even used by users or the site and what it end up doing is to make it harder for other applications to edit those pages. I know dreamweaver doesn't do that, and I'm sure GoLive tries not to do that either; so, I think it's just a matter keeping the code as clean as possible for browser not to get confused by mixed code placed by the editing programs. Other than that, I agree with WELSH, "they both should read the code the same".
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