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Thread: Too many spaces between text and table

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    Angry Too many spaces between text and table

    I'm new at this and have been asked to update a website that someone else created. There is a table, some text and then another table. The problem is that when the website is printed, the text and the second table print NEXT TO the FIRST table instead of beneath it. The only way to correct this seems to be to add numerous return spaces in between the first table and the text, which looks terrible when viewing the site.

    How do I get the tables to print as they appear, one on top of the other? This is so frustrating and I can't find what to do in any of my textbooks. You guys are experts and I worship at your feet - please help!! Thanks!

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    Can you give a web address or post the code for me to look at? You might have 2 seperate tables outside of each other when you need 2 within each other - if you can make since of that.

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    I agree. A good way to look at the layout of those tables are is to use the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox or the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar toolbar for IE These both have options to outline both tables and table cells on the page as well as many other different and useful tools.

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    you can add style="float:left" to each table.

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