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Thread: Layers in DW

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    Layers in DW

    I hate using layers in DW. But I have no other alternative in this case due to most of my site being sliced images. Obviously the layers are for the text. My problem is, when created a new layer why is it in a different place when previewed? Like if it was placed in the center in DW it will look more to the left when previewed. This is not only annoying but worrying for how the visitor will see it.

    The line looks something like this (As an example):

    <div id="Layer2" style="position:absolute; left:46px; top:172px; width:465px; height:218px; z-index:2"><table width="400" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

    I understand that DW isn't a WYSIWYG programme so is there anyway to get the position right?

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    I hate layers in DW and never use them becuse of that reason. Have to have the exact position for it to work right within the actual web browser. When I use sliced images from something I did say in photoshot I use tables for my text. I know there is probably better ways but it work well for me. Just have to slice it right.

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    If you want it to be centered then dont give it an absolute position outside of the center. This: left:46px; top:172px; width:465px; height:218px; specifies exactly wehre the image should go... because your dreamweave window is smaller than your web browser it will appear in the center in dreamweaver and to the left in the larger browser. instead of that put like left center 50% and if you ahve to move it then from there you can do like left: -144px; to move it arouind.

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