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Thread: Creating Web based emails. Which company?

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    Creating Web based emails. Which company?

    Just curious on what to use to create web based emails for my customers advertising needs. I run a golf site with opt-in subscribers which provides a solid email listing for all the golf run business in the area. I need to create professional looking emails (not just text based) to be sent out. I have no real idea how to do this but I assume there are companies out there that provide (for $) software that helps you create these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S I'm interested in keeping the email database on my end as I would like to keep it secure and private if possible. I don't want another company to have access to my email listings. Not sure if this is even an issue or not.


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    Hello Steve

    If you plan to send out html emails then you could contact any good web designing company to design the email template for you.

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