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Thread: some browser difference help!

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    some browser difference help!

    I'm very new to web designing.
    I agreed to do this page for some friends; www.sweetagony.com

    My problem...I don't like how it looks in IE. I designed it in Firefox, but I think the people I'm doing it for use IE as their browser. It looks awful to me in IE!

    Could anyone give me some suggestions to make it look as good as in IE as it does in Firefox? If you compare the differences, I really don't like the extra space it puts after the header and also it irritates me that it basically takes out all my padding.

    I REALLY wanted to do this site without a table layout, but I had a deadline. I love the idea of a css layout, but just didn't possible have the time to mess with it that much. I hope in the future to redo it with a css layout...

    Your comments and help is very very very much appreciated!! I know the site isn't the best, but I need to have something presentable up!



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    Design/program for Firefox (and/or Opera), apply fixes for IE, not the other way around.

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