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Thread: Password Verification

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    Password Verification

    I have been told what I need is 'MS Access' within my Front Page but I am having problems. I want a simple security check for access to my website. I have about 100 clients each with a unigue acct #. Isn't there a way to have a password form that checks the acct # entered on a form against a table of approved numbers before allowing them in?

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    Ideally, you will need a server-side script to do this, (not MSaccess unless you are already perfroming database functions). It is POSSIBLE to use javascript password protection but it is NOT SECURE by any means. A search of the free-script sites will give you solutions to both approaches.

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    Re: Re: Password Verification

    Originally posted by Dave Clark
    You don't need to use a database unless you don't want to be bothered with manually updating your ASP page source everytime a password is added or changed. Yes, you can build an ASP array to contain your account numbers & passwords, do your validation on the server side (which is totally source-level secure), and all without a database.

    If you want to know more, I'll transfer this thread to the ASP forum.

    Yes that would be fine. I am not concerned with security, it is more a ease of use for clients. Adding new acct #'s/password is not a big deal I presume. I do want to block accts that close though.

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    So if I want just a name and the acct is the password I would place this where????

    <% @Language=VBScript %>
    Dim securityArray(12, 2) ' 12 people, 2 elements (lastname, password)
    securityArray(0, 0) = "12345";
    securityArray(0, 1) = "SMITH";
    securityArray(11, 0) = "23456";
    securityArray(11, 1) = "Jones";


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