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Thread: Exporting Excel data into Sql - how to read first row

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    Exporting Excel data into Sql - how to read first row

    Hi there,
    Can any one help me out!!
    I have to export excel data into sql table using asp..
    I tried hard, and finally got a solution.. thanks to the webdeveloper forum which helped me over this..
    My problem comes here..

    When i read the excel file, there should be a column heading in the first row followd by data..
    if i remove the heading then the first line will be the data line and its not reading the first line..
    How can i do this..
    I want it to read the first line of data even though no heading is present..
    Thanks in advance

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    Assuming a .csv file (which can be opened in Excel) I think with this connection string you could change HDR=Yes to be HDR=No instead:


    And for some related links:

    Using Excel Spreadsheets as Web Data Sources by Steven Raines - 11/23/1999

    Extract data from Excel Spreadsheet using ASP by Nabeel Akhtar - 9/25/2005

    VBScript and Excel
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