Hello, first post.

I use GoLive and am trying to us a pull down menu for users to navigate my website. Here is the code that GoLive generated for the pull down menu:

<form action="#" method="post" name="cs_form_name_0">
<select name="cs_popup_name_0" onchange="CSURLPopupShow(/*CMP*/'cs_form_name_0', /*CMP*/'cs_popup_name_0', '_top');">
<option value="#" selected>Select a destination...</option>
<option value="home.html">Home</option>
<option value="info.html">Info</option>
<option value="music.html">Music</option>
<option value="shows.html">Shows</option>
<option value="contact.html">Contact</option>
<option value="links.html">Links</option>

The menu works fine on my computer in both Safari and Internet Explorer, but every other computer I've checked it on shows that there is an error in the code. If you think you could help me, I would appreciate it. I am familiar with code, but the more "advanced" stuff I have been using has been when I started using GoLive, so please speak in laymen's terms if you can.

Appreciate it. Be well.

-- Kyle M. Terrizzi --