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Thread: You know you're a geek if/when...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mausau2000
    FF extentions total 210 on my computer
    Oy Vey! How many of them do you actually use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny G
    OK, how about this one.

    You know you're a nerd/geek when all your electronics are less than three feet away from your desk chair and there is a steady buzz emanating from the room.
    I'd say you're a geek if all your electronics are connected to you!

    I saw a guy with his IPOD, a blackberry, ear piece, and a cell phone all clipped onto him. I had an urge to drop him in water to see what would happen.

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    *Pops out of concealed drain*
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny G
    Oy Vey! How many of them do you actually use?
    More proof that I am a geek :P
    I use all of them :P most of them just sit there looking cool like restart firefox or timetracker 8u7 50m3 |1k3 |3775p34(k 1 u53 4|07 0f 7h3 71m3 :P DTA is also a good download manager for FF, Answers good for study, IE tab is usefull for poorly coded IE only sites (like microsoft :P) Bbcode allows this to be easyer and Firesomething just is fun for branding something other than Firefox, Imagebot is good for uploading images Gmail skins can make gmail look pink :P JSveiw allows viewing of CSS and javascript that are external easyly, Vidiodownloader good for google videios youtube etc... Gmail notifier notifies me :P Webdeveloper tool bar is NECCESARY FOR WEBDEVELOPMENT :P and Foxytunes keeps me sane while writing these posts :P
    I should go on but the mod would kill me :P

    You know u are a geek when you dont need to set up christmas lights because of all the electronic gear around the house with flashing lights :P

    *mmmmm flashy lights*
    *Retreats into tunnel*
    Last edited by Mausau2000; 12-05-2006 at 10:50 PM. Reason: ACK WEBDEVELOPER TOOLBAR HOW COULD I FORGET IT!!! *HITS HEAD ON POLE*

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