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    My Feedback

    Hey... I'm new here, even though I registered a while ago, to ask some small question. I came back for some Javascript help, and so far, I must say that this forum has been better than webhostingtalk.com for programming help. But anyway, I have two suggestions. Obvious ones, of course.

    1) PHP forum... I might as well ask. The more people who do it, the more likely you are to make one... I think. Anyway, at least make the ASP forum be for any server side scripting.

    2) Quick reply box, a vB hack. Pretty simple to install, I imagine. Basically just takes one link out of the process, making the site faster.


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    I'd rather keep PHP and ASP separate as I only use ASP and would rather not waste time reading messages for a technology I don't use (PHP) - unless, of course, they're so similar that it makes no odds.

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    Well Falconix you got part of your request. Today we added a PHP category. We hope it will be a very popular section.
    Jupitermedia tries to stay away from hacks, simply because they are difficult when it comes time to upgrade. With over twenty-five different forums around the web we have quite a few forums to consider. Thanks for the feedback.

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